A home for our work on proximate  and ultimate processes of

Behaviour and Cognition,

with the aim to stimulate interest in

Cross-Disciplinary Research addressing Fundamental Questions.

The general topic of our work is cognitive behavioural response, defined as any adjustment to behaviour in response to perceived and processed information. Based on this definition, interdisciplinary approaches are required to analyse the interacting parts: physiology, cognition and behaviour and to reflect the role of individuals, their social interactions, their collective, co-operative and competitive behaviour and their response to environmental changes.

We work towards experimental evidence from hypothesis-driven research that builds on previous findings. As such our studies examine several elements related to our general topic and their interaction, addressing novel questions that progressively arise. The synthesis of our work argues for the significance of examining functional interactions between behaviour, phenotypic plasticity, cognition and physiology.



The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

Virtual Winter Conference

Thu, 3 -  Fri, 4 Dec 2021



International Congress of  Neuroethology

Summer 2022


Lisbon, Portugal