Research by Kyriacos Kareklas and Colleagues


Recent publications of author's work:

Kareklas K, Wilson J, Kunc HP & Arnott G (2019). Signal complexity communicates aggressive intent during contests, but the process is disrupted by noise. Biology letters 15(4), 20180841.

Kareklas K, McMurray R, & Arnott G (2019). Increased aggressive motivation towards formidable opponents: evidence of a novel form of mutual assessment. Animal Behaviour 153, 33-40.

Kareklas K, Arnott G, Elwood RW & Holland RA (2018). Relationships between personality and lateralization of sensory inputs. Animal Behaviour 141, 127-135

Kareklas K, Elwood RW & Holland RA (2018). Fish learn collectively, but groups with differing personalities are slower to decide and more likely to split. Biology Open 7(5), bio033613.

Kareklas K, Elwood RW & Holland RA (2018). Grouping promotes risk-taking in unfamiliar settings.   Behavioural Processes 148, 41-45

Kareklas K, Elwood RW & Holland RA (2017). Personality effects on spatial learning: Comparisons between visual conditions in a weakly electric fish. Ethology 123, 551-559.

Kareklas K, Arnott G, Elwood RW & Holland RA (2016). Plasticity varies with boldness in a weakly-electric fish. Frontiers in Zoology 13: 10.1186/s12983-016-0154-0



Recent selected publications by colleagues:


Varela, S. A., Teles, M. C., & Oliveira, R. F. (2019). The correlated evolution of social competence and social cognition. Functional Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.13416

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Elwood, R. W., & Arnott, G. (2013). Assessments in contests are frequently assumed to be complex when simple explanations will suffice. Animal Behaviour, 86(5), e8-e12.



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